Friday, November 11, 2011

Just a day....

It doesn't matter if its Steven Spielberg, I can't get the original Tintin theme out of my head. I wish they had refrained from changing the comic plots. Some things are just too perfect to improve upon.

And that was followed by Rockstar. Now that's a tough one,  i liked it, i hated it. It leaves you in a split but one thing stands clear, Ranbir Kapoor is probably one of the best actors in Bollywood right now. And there I stand vindicated, 'cos we went to watch Wake Up Sid, after deciding to bunk classes and I really liked the guy's performance. I told Sohham that, the guys 6 feet tall and goofy, so, by the laws of nature, hes got to be awesome! (yes, i'd admit i am being *a bit* biased here) And after watching like 6-7 of his films, finally culminating on this one, i wasted no time in giving him a little "i told you so" speech. Someday, I also plan to make him eat his words on Katrina Kaif not being hot. I enjoy my moments. For now, got to "Burger Off!!"

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