Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hollow advice!

S: I can't stop laughn! man i hpe m nt gtn insane!

Me: Na,na..Laugh it out man.. Btr dan cryn.. Let it out. Punch a cushion if u want, u wnt go insane!

S: He!he!he!nd guess wt i cudnt find an ashtray so i used an empty deo bottle's cap as an ashtray..lmfao

Me:  innovative.. ebr relax..mathay jol dhal!

S: Yeah, yeah.. im normal.. curse dis 'love' bullshit!! i nid to change my f*****g image!! now im thnking of becuming bald nd grow my goatee lyk serj.. nw datz wat i call a badass luk!!

Me: ota has potential to be super cool or a super disaster.. ektu dekhe ota.

S: M game for nethn nw..m going to try smthn different!! f**k dis 'boy next door' luk..

Me: Alryt then, slp on ths one.. kal wel meet up.. talk ds one out.gdnyt!

..............the feeling you get when you want to help out but just don't know how... this is going to be another long restless night....

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