Thursday, December 11, 2014

All in...

It's in the worst phases when you realize that life is too short for tentative half measures. You'll end up regretting both ways. If things go well, you wonder how much better they could have gone had you been more decisive, conversely if things go bad, you wish you had the courage to put your foot down in the first place.

Screw all that. For once in my life, I'm going to go all in and see where that lands me up at. You see those motivational stickers all through your life, "Make every moment count", "Live the moment" and you know they're right but you just shrug it off with a "Nah, maybe later, when I'm more stable."

I wonder if anyone is ever stable. All the wealth in the world, private jets, islands and beautiful women later, you'll still be wishing for the stars. The key is to feel alive more than anything. We're so obsessed with securing our futures and that of our future generation that we miss out on those moments that make this journey memorable and worth it. The future is important, but it is also an undefinable entity with any number of possibilities. How are we to account for them all? Rather, it is the present that is before us, and it is our moment. Secure the present, seize the moment, and let the future be.

So back to half measures then. Indecisiveness shall be the death of me now. For too long, I've wallowed in the pits of depression over what can be and what could have been. Let's try the James Bond way of life for once. It worked for him, why not me or anyone else for that matter. We're all young till the moment we die, and we're all humans, so by the laws of nature, we're allowed to make mistakes, maybe one to many. Let's exploit that loophole in the rule book and take matters in hand. If things go very wrong, hey, there's always the next reincarnation if you believe the Buddhists. But, if it works out, boy oh boy, you'll have a life worth remembering.

No more time barriers then, for as long as it takes, I'm in this, all in or nothing. (I hope Adidas rewards me for this free publicity).


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    1. You know what they say about the wind bowing the other way, and then you'll be stuck with the expression. Or something like that. :D

  2. so what is that step going to be ?

    1. I cannot possibly know everything now, can I? :D