Monday, July 4, 2011

Butterflies on the 20th!

Sagnik made sense at 1.30am at night...A very rare event. But I knew i had to do it. Two hours and an endless stream of James Blunt later, I made up my mind to do it...But how? and what if...! 

I woke up at 1, spending a good part of the night tossing and turning. Mom and Dad wished (and complained about the late hour) and I headed off to play. But i knew all along that today was the day. It had to be.

Game over, off to meet the rest, Sagnik and Sohham do an eyebrow raised silent question. I shake my head, not yet. Soon!

Two hours of roaming around and still nothing, i was starting to give up. "call up, or i'l kill u", Sagnik threatened. "yeah, soon", but i knew I couldn't. What if...!

And, yet i did.. I just couldn't care for the IF'S anymore... and there it was... so easy, just so easy!

At 10.30pm on 25th of June 2011, on my 20th birthday, I sang happy birthday to me! And it was perfect!