Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuition Bunking!

Sohham: wanna attend class?

Me: Uhmm.... todays maths...Lets bunk..

S: You sure? Its been 2 months since we last went.

Me: I know.

S: Where do we go?

Me: Its your turn to come up with an idea.

S: Movie?

Me: Nothing good.

S: Uhmm...wana see if sagnik's free?

Me: Its 9am, all sane people sleep!

S: Ri...ght....So....what?

Me: I dunno... You tell me!

S: I did.. You turned 'em all down!

Me: Well if we can't think of anything, might as well go to class....atleast we can sleep in the AC..!

S: Hang on... How about we go into stealth mode and follow debadrita out of her college and then I can pretend to accidently bump into her and so we can talk!

Me: Dude, you have issues!! Are you aware that there are much better, socially acceptable ways of talking  to a girl you fancy?

S: So.....thats a no?

Me: Hell no! Lets do it..sounds fun.. I'l use my height to spot her, you stalk her! We'l use codenames. I'l be 007 and your scooby doo! savvy?

S: Yeah....and I have issues do I?

Me: Alright,alright, shut up and lets go....


  1. Instead of spotting for others use your height for something else....maybe reach for the stars....:):):)

  2. now that would fall under the "hard work" category and thus not covered in my basic skill set....sorry! :)