Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If Arsenal can overcome a 4-0 deficit today and make it to the quarter finals, I'll do something study or something drastic like that.. you listening?

Update 1: 7mins. 1-0. Koscielny!!!! BRillIAnt!

Update 2: 26mins 2-0. Rosciky!!!!!! Oh my.. This cannot be happening!! you ARE listening??

Update 3: 43mins. 3-0. VAN PERCIE!!!!!!!! OH FUCK IT!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!! :'D

Update 4: Alright. So its halftime. 3-0 win here but losing 3-4 on aggregate. 2 more goals. please!pretty please!

Update 5: 59mins. How, Van Percie... how? 4yards from goal and you miss! COYG!

Update 6: 75mins. Chamakh for Oxlade-Chamberlain..NOooo!! I'm losing hope now!

Update 7: 90mins. And it ends 3-0. So close. 1 goal away from leveling the scores but not to be. The usual so near, yet so far, But fighting display today. Here's a proud and a mighty disappointed gunner fan signing out.

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  1. Sigh! my hopes shattered....more for the promises for a drastic change than the Gunners doing the almost impossible!