Sunday, October 9, 2011


"Ei chol! natok fixed hoye gache. Tenida kora hobe. chole ashbi rehersal e." i was told one evening. "Abar natok! ebar chhar, ato bochor dhore to korlam, ebar retirement nawar boyesh hoye galo. Amay badh de." "Oyi, bhat bokish na to. Chole ashbi. Na ele jutor bari khabi." Needless to say that was enough to convince me. But there is something enthralling and charming about performing on stage during the pujo evenings. The general anticipation is always that we shall mess it up and people will laugh at the tom-foolery but year after year we do get it right and the applause (forced sometimes maybe) is definitely not out of pity. The ability to make people sit and watch and captivate their thoughts on figments of our on created worlds is something that fascinates me. You feel an odd sense of power and the satisfaction at the end of it. But its been 15 years. From reciting abol-tabol to acting out self written thriller dramas, its been a very fun and diverse experience. But boyesh to shotti holo, ar koto din ar ei tenida kore byarbo, sheto jani na. times change, people change and every year at the end of it, we ruefully stay in hope and pray...asche bochor abar hobe....if only....

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